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    Opal Creek Exploration
    11-28-14 10:30 am - South Park Blocks
    The Portland Hiking Meetup Group

    TOTAL MILES: ~10.5 miles ELEVATION GAIN:   500 ft PACE:   ~2.5 mph DIFFICULTY RATING:  Moderate ESTIMATED HIKING TIME:  **ALL DAY** PERMITS: NW Forest Pass **RSVPs will open at 7:30pm** CARPOOLING: RT mileage is 180 miles, give or take; we...

    Walking Tour of the Historic Pearl District
    11-28-14 10:30 am - South Park Blocks
    Uniquely Portland Tours

    The Pearl District was practically deserted 25 years ago. Come see how it's transformed into a dynamic walker-friendly neighborhood with contemporary and adaptive high rise housing, fine dining and world class entertainment. The Pearl...

    Portland Fur Free Friday March
    11-28-14 10:30 am - South Park Blocks
    PAWA (Portland Animal Welfare Advocates)

    Fur Free Friday is the most widely attended annual demonstration in the history of the animal protection movement and the largest animal related free speech event in Portland. Don't miss this opportunity to join with thousands of other activists...